Shop and Earn Rewards Points!


Every time you shop with us, you’ll have the chance to earn Rewards Points that add up toward a discount on a future purchase at cbdMD.com.


Through your online account, you can check your Rewards Points balance. Here, you’ll see how many points you’ve earned and use them in 20 point increments at checkout with traditional payment methods to complete your order.


If you have questions about cbdMD Rewards, here are a few of our most frequently asked questions. If you still have a few more unanswered questions, feel free to contact us – we’re always happy to help!

To get started earning Rewards Points, simply go to cbdMD.com and create an account – you’re here already! You will be automatically enrolled in our loyalty program and begin earning points with every online purchase.

The main way to earn cbdMD Rewards Points is by making online purchases. We want to encourage you to engage with us, so you’ll earn bonus points for things like referring friends and leaving product reviews for us.

Whenever you log into your cbdMD.com account, you can view your online profile and check to see how many Rewards Points you’ve accrued. For every 100 points you’ll get a $5.00 discount on your next online purchase.

Because we want you to engage with us, we’ll be rewarding bonus points for certain activities. You’ll get 100 points when you sign up for an account, 50 points for subscribing to our newsletter, and 100 points for referring a friend.

When you refer a friend and they turn into a valued customer, you’ll receive additional Rewards Points. When your friend places their first order, you’ll receive 250 bonus points that will be added to your online account.

Yes. Occasionally, cbdMD will create promotional campaigns that can earn our valued cbdMD Rewards Members bonus points on specific products or bundles. If you purchase during the campaign, you’ll receive bonus points.

Refer your Friends For Even Better Deals!

Do you have friends and family who you think would love cbdMD? Now every time you refer a new customer to us, you can get discounts for both you and those you care about most! Here’s how it works:


Simply click the “My Referrals” tab, select “Create Referral Link” – and you’re done. Share with friends and family to start saving today!